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Al Nashama bridges the gap between premium western clothing brands and local tailor shops, by introducing an exclusive chain of concept stores where traditional clothes (National dress) are sold in a premium, contemporary environment with unique and customized services. The products are branded, which is a new something to the market.

Al Nashama has launched an online shopping store entirely dedicated to oriental clothing, including thobe, slippers, sandals, and more. After the industry in the UAE achieved tremendous advances, the Abbasi Group directed its development with a correct direction, represented by the establishment of the Nashama store for luxurious traditional men’s fashion that is designed on demand and carries distinctive brands for the elite of society.

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Al Nashama offers pure Emirati ideas embodied in luxury, bespoke clothes that satisfy your tastes and your desire to appear your best. The apparel designs exude an elegant and luxurious character, complemented by the finest international materials. The antique, civilized men’s fashion collection reflects a specific design philosophy; In it, the integrated creativity of the fabric is manifested with an express modernity, and you do not forget to choose the appropriate classic shoes from among the distinctive brands that have created amazing ingenuity, not only reviving your steps but also in your expressions. Nashama accessories add modern touches that sparkle through the finest fabrics and ancient models, to be prominent signs on the path of modern experimental fashion arts. It is truly an extraordinary experience.